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When a new cell phone, TV, tablet or a notebook is released to the market, the first thing we have in mind is, of course, the desire to acquire it. We do not really behave rational and evaluate how old gadgets meet our current needs. The old thing must be simply replaced no matter what.

Similar behavior can often be seen in relation to software – if it is outdated then we have to replace it. While it’s perfectly acceptable with gadgets, software is quite different by its nature. First of all, we have ask the question like “Which problems are we going to solve with new software? Which processes have to be automated? How can we eliminate further software changes while the company is growing and its processes become more sophisticated?”

Surely, we are not the first to do what we do. If you are looking for the best practices in the industry, want to keep your software updated at the lowest cost, want to make sure that new software co-exist with the old (legacy) systems – we are here for you.

Here, at JNETWORKS, our goal is to answer such questions and to choose the best solution for your business.

We offer solutions in the following areas:

  • information system integration
  • collection, storage, processing and data analysis (document management systems, business process management)
  • data visualization (portal design, user interface modules)
  • mobile applications development