Integration Services

Integration Services

Using an extensive and complex IT infrastructure with a large number of different systems inevitably leads to integration issues, meaning that two systems (or even more) will have to interact with each other by exchanging messages or data sets. If the systems were not originally designed for mutual cooperation, the question of integration can be quite challenging. You are not always able to find a necessary “adapter”, or it’s too expensive to develop.

We offer integration services and services based on our integration platform. We make full use of our extensive expertise and utilize a large number of “adapters”, as well rely heavily on the ability to quickly and efficiently develop them. JNETWORKS offers integration services based on a wide range of network protocols, systems, formats, strict quality and information security standards, etc.

Our integration solutions are available upon different terms (on a cloud subscription or “single pack” use basis). We pay particular attention to information security, so data transfer channels are highly secured.

Over the last 5 years we’ve shown a significant progress in the area of e-government on the Dutch market. However, integration issues are relevant for almost any industry.

For a more detailed case study (or your particular project estimation), you can always reach out to us via e-mail.