API platform for client applications

Almost every client application (web or mobile) requires server-side, where the logic is implemented and where data is stored. The traditional approach to client-server applications is based on the realization of the necessary logic with fixed interfaces, when all server requests are strictly standardized. Using this approach, the client side must fully comply with the server. In this case, version compatibility issues, client application dependency on the server, and constant updates with minimal interface changes are inevitable.

API platform allows to weaken the relationship between client and server as much as possible. The server implements certain functionality or provides the data for publication. Access to functionality or data can be granted in various ways, depending on the features and characteristics of the client.

Our API platform allows to publish custom API, which is simple and easy-to-use client application – whether it’s REST API, SOAP Web Services, JMS, WS-RM, or something else.

Inbox API requests are displayed and forwarded to the database, case system, data files, or other data source/functional module.

Another important feature of the API platform is the ability to conduct the statistics and accounting requests coming from different applications (or from different users). This functionality lets you organize subscription services with flexible payment system that pays for a subscription service, depending on its use.

API platform was designed for

  • SAAS solutions providers
  • Cloud solutions providers
  • Mobile solutions providers

It perfectly works in case you have to get the data from back-end and present it in a convenient and lightweight API.