Mobile Event Registration System

Mobile Event Registration System is a complete solution that enables mobile devices to record and transmit random events to the server, including info about events, contact information, GPS coordinates, etc. The database of the events created is available in the form of a map for various devices.

The solution is works with a wide range of different tasks.

For catering chains, city services, railways, public transport services, etc.

The system can be easily adapted for specific tasks and processes.

Urban Accidents Reporting System (based on Open311 protocol)

The main module of the system is a mobile application that can be installed for free. Upon the detection of any issues on the streets, at the bus stop, or in other public places any user may register a problem with a detailed description and GPS location. Responsible urban emergency services will accept a request and efficiently react to it.

Food&Service Quality Reporting System for Catering.

The system was developed for the Dutch Ministry of Catering. The app is commonly used by the visitors of restaurants, cafes, as well as by the governmental agencies responsible for Food and Service quality.